Kinosaki Onsen

Best Onsen Town in Japan - Lonely Planet

"In northern Hyōgo Prefecture, Kinosaki is one of Japan's best places to sample the classic onsen experience. A willow-lined canal runs through the town centre, and many of the houses, shops and restaurants retain their traditional charm. Add to this the delights of crab fresh from the Sea of Japan in winter, and you'll understand why this is one of our favourite overnight trips from the cities of Kansai" -- Lonely Planet

Public Hot Springs

Think of Kinosaki as one large ryokan: the station the entrance; its quaint roads the hallways; the ryokan the guest rooms; and the seven public hot springs the baths. Guests staying with Shogetsutei enjoy free access to all seven public hot springs during their stay. More information about the public hot springs.

WALK times are approximate from Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei / alternatively ride shuttle bus


Kyoto-style imperial bath.

CLOSED: 1st & 3rd Thur / WALK: 14 min / HOURS: 07:00-22:40


Beautiful outdoor baths.

CLOSED: Tues / WALK: 7 min / HOURS: 07:00-22:40


The "number one" bath of Kinosaki Onsen.

CLOSED: Wed / WALK: 16 min / HOURS: 07:00-22:40


The oldest bath in Kinosaki Onsen.

CLOSED: Wed / WALK: 10 min / HOURS: 15:00-22:40


Named for the willow trees lining the streets

CLOSED: Thur / WALK: 18 min / HOURS: 15:00-22:40


The favorite bath of locals.

CLOSED: Fri / WALK: 20 min / HOURS: 07:00-22:40


The newest bath of Kinosaki.

CLOSED: Mon / WALK: 30 min / HOURS: 13:00-22:40

Four Seasons

Kinosaki is blessed with four distinct seasons. Spring, summer, fall & winter - there is always something new to discover in Kinosaki! Explore the four seasons on VisitKinosaki.


The sakura bloom in early April, but the cool temperatures and fair weather continues until the end of May. A very pleasant time to visit.


Street festivals, fireworks, nearby Takeno Beach (one of Japan's top beaches), summer in Kinosaki is more than just hot springs.


Cool weather returns and the changing leafs set the Maruyama river valley ablaze in color. Kinosaki's biggest event - the shrine fighting festival - is held on October 14 & 15.


Kinosaki's busiest time of the year. Matsuba Crab season is from Nov 7 until March 31. For experiencing snow, the best chance is late January or early February.

Kinosaki Onsen FAQ

Where is Kinosaki Onsen located?

In the north of Hyogo Prefecture (Western Japan) near the Sea of Japan. Kinosaki is under three hours by express train from the major cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

Why should I visit Kinosaki Onsen?

Kinosaki is one of the few preserved traditional onsen resort towns in Japan. Pedestrian friendly streets, compact size (the whole town is walk-able), nostalgic atmosphere, and convenient access from Japan's major cities make it one of the most popular onsen & ryokan destinations in Japan. More from Japan Guide

How many hot springs are in Kinosaki Onsen?

There are seven public hot springs. Our ryokan has its own baths for guests only.

Are the baths free?

Yes. For guests staying the night our baths and the public hot springs can be accessed free of charge.

Do I need to bring towels?

No. We will provide everything for you when staying. When going to the public hot springs remember to take a towels with you from our ryokan.

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