Food allergy policy

Allergy & Dietary Needs Policy

Please consult the important information
below regarding our food allergy policies.

Dinner / Lunch

For guests with food allergies, whom are pregnant or taking medications we will accomodate as much as possible, provided allergens, number of guests & other neccessary information is provided at lest 3 days in advance. All other food change requests may incur an additional fee.


At our breakfast buffet, contains labeling for the following 7 specific allergens and 21 sub-specific allergens. Please check all labels for before consuming.

7 specific allergens

  • WheatWheat
  • EggEgg
  • MilkMilk
  • BuckwheatBuckwheat
  • PeanutPeanut
  • ShrimpShrimp
  • CrabCrab

21 sub-specific allergens

  • AbaloneAbalone
  • SquidSquid
  • Salmon roeSalmon roe
  • OrangeOrange
  • Cashew nutsCashew nuts
  • BeefBeef
  • Kiwi fruitKiwi fruit
  • WalnutWalnut
  • SesameSesame
  • SalmonSalmon
  • MackerelMackerel
  • SoySoy
  • ChickenChicken
  • BananaBanana
  • PorkPork
  • Matsutake mushroomMatsutake mushroom
  • PeachPeach
  • Japanese YamJapanese Yam
  • AppleApple
  • GelatinGelatin
  • AlmondAlmond


  • * Our cooking utilizes soy sauce (containing wheat & soy), dashi (containing mackerel) and miso (containing soy)
  • * All cooking is done in the same kitchen, and there is a possibility of cross contamination of trace amounts of allergens.
  • * Allergy requests made 2 days or later may not be accomodated due to factors such as ingredient availability, etc. Please make all inquires at least 3 days before arrival.
  • * In the cases of serious allergies and/or when total removal of allergen is requested, we may be forced to deny the request in the interest of guest safety. In that case, food brought from the outside is accepted so please inquire with us in advance.
  • Whether to consume or not consume food & beverage at our property is left to the discretion of each guest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff.