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● By Train

By Train

JR usage notes:
* From Sannomiya it is possible to change to the Konotori Ltd Exp. in Amagasaki
* If your express train ends in Toyooka change to the local line for Kinosaki Onsen (two station stops from Toyooka)
* Confirm all routes and train changes before you depart.

● From Kinosaki Onsen Station to Nishimiuraya Honkan

Shuttle Bus

Complimentary shuttle bus service from Kinosaki Onsen Station to our ryokan is available.
Availability varies by day so please contact us with your arrival time before departing to confirm.
When you arrive, tell the shuttle staff/driver, “Nishimuraya Honkan” and they will transport you to our ryokan.

If the bus is not operating when you arrive, go to the Information Counter Building in front of the station and ask the staff to call us. If the Information Counter is closed, call us using a pay phone at the station (0796-32-2211).

Walking to Nishimuraya Honkan

It takes about 15-20 minutes on foot to reach Nishimuraya Honkan from Kinosaki Onsen Station. You can check your baggage at the Information Counter Building in front of the station (100 JPY per bag) and we will pick it up for you.

● By Car

Osaka (3 hours)
Kobe (3 hours)
Kyoto (3 hours)
Himeji (2 hours)
Tottori (2 hours)

● By Airplane

  • Osaka International Airport (Itami)
  • Tajima Konotori Airport (30 min flight)
  • Kinosaki Onsen (Bus/ Taxi (30 min))
  • ※There are usually two flights per-day between Osaka International Airport (Itami) and Tajima Konotori Airport.
  • ※During the winter, especially, flights can be delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • ※Travel times are approximate. Always confirm your schedule before departure.
Tajima Konotori Airport

Kinosaki Town Map

Kinosaki Town Map

Kinosaki Town Map


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