Open-Air Bath

Enjoy a spacious corner room with Japanese-style guest room, bedroom with king size bed, and private open-air bath.

Kumoi Suite Room has a Japanese-style corner guest room with mountainside view, sleeping room with one king-size bed, and private open-air bath. NOTE: water of open-air bath is regular heated water. Room is non-smoking. Room can accommodate maximum of 6 guests: 4 guests in futon in Japanese-style room and 2 guests on king size bed in sleeping room. Total room size is approximately 63 sqm. Room is located on 2nd floor.

Photo: Kumoi Suite Room
Photo: Kumoi Suite Room

A spacious Japanese-style guest room compliments the bedroom with king bed. The final touch is the Japanese cypress open-air bath.

Photo: Kumoi Suite Room

Kumoi Suite Room’s open-air bath - made of Japanese cypress wood - has a feeling of openness, nestled against the mountainside.
NOTE: water of open-air bath is regular heated water.

Photo: Kumoi Suite Room

Room-type Japanese-style
Capacity 1-6
Level 2nd floor
* walking to room requires climbing stairs
Room Layout Japanese-style guest room (12 tatami mat), bedroom (6 tatami mat / king bed), restroom, private open-air bath
notes * Minimum age to stay at Nishimuraya Honkan is 10yr old.
* Water of the bathtub is regular heated water (not hot spring water)
* All guest rooms are NON-SMOKING.

floor plan: Kumoi Suite Room