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Traditional Room

Traditional Room

No visit to Japan is a complete without experiencing a ryokan. The essence of Japan - simple and comfortable, yet painstakingly detailed - will surround you the moment you enter our traditional Japanese-style room.

Our standard, Japanese-style guest room is 8 tatami mats in floor size and also features a terrace area for extra comfort and enjoying the outside scenery. The largest number of rooms in Nishimuraya Honkan are this style. It is ideal for single travellers, couples or average sized families.

From the in-room, privately served dinner to the breathtaking views of our expansive Japanese garden, your time in Kinosaki Onsen deserves nothing less than the finest comfort and relaxation.

  • Traditional Room

    Known in Japanese as the “hiroen”, the terrace of each guest room is one of the unique features of ryokan.

  • 文人墨客が愛した四季折々の景色と共に

One view of our large Japanese garden will show you why Nishimuraya Honkan has been a popular destination for artists and writers throughout the years. The inspiring beauty of nature surrounds Nishimuraya Honkan and is an essential part of the guest experience.

Room Information

  • Room type
  • Capacity
  • Level
    1st and 2nd floors
  • Rooms
    8 tatami-mat size, terrace, bathroom, restroom
  • Room features
    Wireless Internet access (free), TV, Sattelite channels (free), telephone, hot water pot, tea set, refrigerator, hair dryer, pants press (on request), floor lamp, humidifier (on request), air conditioning, toilet with washing features, bar soap (on request), body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste set, shower cap, hair brush, hand towels, bath towels, yukata, tabi socks, toilet slippers, safe

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* Not all rooms have view of the central garden.

Dining April 1st - November 6th Seasonal kaiseki (course) dinner served in the privacy of your room. Menu changes regularly and features local seafoods from the Sea of Japan as well as the famous Tajima beef. You have not experienced Japanese food until you have enjoyed a kaiseki dinner!
November 7th - March 31st Our legendary fresh Matsuba crab kaiseki dinner features locally caught Matsuba crab, and of course the famous Tajima beef. Upgrade your dinner to a full crab course or a special course with extra crab and premium aged Tajima beef (see our plan list for details).

Room Plan

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  • Traditional Room
  • Traditional Superior Room (Garden View)
  • Hatsune Room (Open-Air Bath)
  • Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)
  • Western & Japanese Room
  • Matsu Suite Room (Garden View)
  • Ginsen Suite Room
  • Traditional Suite Room (Open-Air Bath)
  • Kangetsu Suite Room (Open-Air Bath)
  • Kumoi Suite Room(Open-Air Bath)
  • Honjin Suite Room(Open-Air Bath)
  • Horai Suite Room (Open-Air Bath)

Traditional Room


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