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Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)

Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)

Ideal for guests who seek a more private, secluded experience. Asuka features both a private garden and open-air bath. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the heated outdoor bath after your in-room privately served dinner, then unwind in the terrace room as you admire the splendid garden. It won’t take long to discover why Asuka is one of our most popular rooms.

The uniquely patterned rock garden extends into the open air bath itself. The generous 10 tatami-mat sized room provides all of the space needed to indulge your need for leisure and relaxation. The elegance and sophistication of Asuka is sure to become the jewl of your travel memories of Japan.

Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)

Every space of Asuka has been meticulously thought out and planned. The garden can be entered either from the terrace room or the open air bath area. The garden itself is closed off from the rest of the ryokan, offering you the highest level of privacy and quiet.

  • Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)

    With the air and sophistication of a Japanese mansion, Asuka is sure to make your time in Kinosaki Onsen both relaxing and elegant.

Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)

Spend just one evening in the luxurious comfort of Asuka and we think you will discover why it is one of the most popular rooms at Nishimuraya Honkan.

* The water of the open air bath is regular heated bath water, and not natural hot spring water. This is by rule in Kinosaki Onsen.

Room Information

  • Room type
  • Capacity
  • Level
    1st floor
  • Rooms
    10 tatami-mat size room, terrace, bathroom, restroom
  • Room features
    Wireless Internet access (free), TV, Sattelite channels (free), telephone, hot water pot, tea set, refrigerator, hair dryer, pants press (on request), floor lamp, humidifier (on request), air conditioning, toilet with washing features, bar soap (on request), body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste set, shower cap, hair brush, hand towels, bath towels, yukata, tabi socks, toilet slippers, safe

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Dining April 1st - November 6th Seasonal kaiseki (course) dinner served in the privacy of your room. Menu changes regularly and features local seafoods from the Sea of Japan as well as the famous Tajima beef. You have not experienced Japanese food until you have enjoyed a kaiseki dinner!
November 7th - March 31st Our legendary fresh Matsuba crab kaiseki dinner features locally caught Matsuba crab, and of course the famous Tajima beef. Upgrade your dinner to a full crab course or a special course with extra crab and premium aged Tajima beef (see our plan list for details).

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Asuka Room (Open-Air Bath)


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