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Matsuba Crab fresh from the Sea of Japan

Matsuba crab is the local name for the male snow crab harvested from the Sea of Japan. The Matsuba crab season in Kinosaki Onsen is from November 7th to March 31st.

In Japanese cooking, just about every portion of the crab is used. The tender, fluffy crab meat is of course a highlight of the Matsuba crab, but most Japanese find the “kani miso” (crab inards) to be the most delicious. Give it a try and we think you’ll agree. Sashimi, boiled, grilled, hot pot… whatever the style, the succulent flavors of fresh Matsuba crab are sure to make an impression on your tastebuds and leave you wanting more!

Locally sourced Matsuba Crab

Locally sourced Matsuba Crab

Matsuba crab served at Nishimuraya Honkan are taken direct from the local ports of Tsuiyama and Shibayama to allow guests to experience the freshest taste possible. We think you’ll agree there is no finer taste than crab taken fresh from the sea!

Recommended Plan


Superior Matsuba Crab and Tajima Beef Kaiseki Plan

Enjoy a full kaiseki menu featuring individually selected Matsuba crabs from local ports and the finest specially dry-aged Tajima beef. One of our most popular meal plans and available only for a limited time (November 7 - March 20)!

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Superior Fresh Matsuba Crab & Tajima Beef Kaiseki


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