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Contact us with questions or comments using this form. For inquiries about new reservations, please include the number of guests and their ages, the desired room type and the date(s) you are requesting.

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Nishimuraya Co., Ltd. (Nishimuraya Honkan / Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei) Protection of Personal Information

This company acknowledges the significance of information that can reveal the identity of customers (hereinafter, “Personal Information”) that use the Nishimuraya Website (hereinafter, “Website”), and strives for its careful and appropriate protection. The protection of Personal Information is a social responsibility, and essential in winning our customers' trust, which is our priority, and propelling our business forward. Personal Information of our customers entered/sent via the Website upon making online reservations or using other services of the Website is carefully protected and used only for the purpose of our business.

■Collecting Personal Information

This Website requests entry/sending of Personal Information of customers in the following situations: upon reservations of hotel services using the Website; upon registering for mailing lists, etc., using the Website; upon requesting various documents and materials; and upon answering questionnaire surveys. When requesting Personal Information of our customers for services not listed above, the purpose, content, and handling of the provided Personal Information will be clearly stated.

■Use of Personal Information

Personal Information provided by our customers will be used in the following instances only, and will not be used for any purposes not intended by the customer upon provision: upon providing services to the customer in the Website; upon providing information via e-mails, etc., to the registered customers; when this company needs to contact the customer; when this company conducts analysis for new additions or improvement of the Website, services and products; and when the customer gives consent for its use.

■Security Measures

To prevent the loss, misuse, corruption, etc., of Personal Information of our customers, this company takes various security measures. Access right management, password protection, backup data management, etc., are enforced to prevent unauthorized access, data loss, data destruction, or data leakage.

■Disclosure of Personal Information

This Website manages Personal Information provided by our customers in an appropriate manner, and will not disclose such information to any third party, except in the following instances: when the customer gives consent; to subcontractors under conditions of confidentiality that maintain and manage the system; and when so required by laws and/or regulations.

■Regarding Personal Information handling in websites linked to this Website

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any collection or handling of Personal Information conducted in websites linked to our Website.

■Compliance with laws, regulations and other rules

Upon the handling of Personal Information, this Website complies with all applicable laws, regulations and rules in regards to personal information.

■Continuous Improvement

This Website will adhere to this Personal Information Protection Policy, review efforts regarding each item stipulated above accordingly, and strive to make continuous improvements.

April 1, 2009

Inquiries regarding handling of Personal Information:
Please contact the manager of the relevant facility.
Nishimuraya Honkan TEL. +81-(0)796-32-2211
Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei TEL. +81-(0)796-32-3535